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Preserving the Past of our Farm Heritage


The Johnson County Antique Machinery Association is a Club devoted to the restoration and preservation of farm tools and equipment of years gone by. Our Fathers and Forefathers used these to till the soil, sow the seeds, and reap the harvest.

JCAMA was started in the winter of January 1992 and is located in Central Indiana. 35 Charter members started and formed the Club. The following September the first collection of Antique Machinery was brought together for the first show.

The Club has grown and includes members of all age groups who enjoy sharing our Farming Heritage for others to enjoy.


Farming has changed significantly over the past several decades. We can only imagine what it was like to farm with Horses or Oxen and then in later years be introduced to a new age, the gas engine, tractors and trucks.

Many of our Elder Club Members have many story’s to tell about how farming has changed throughout the years, the hardships they experienced and how they relate to the farming we know today.

JCAMA Club Members strive to bring back a little of the past every year at our show to educate the younger generation’s of today. We hope they enjoy and appreciate what our Fathers and Forefathers have done for decades. Our goal is to give or Elders a chance to step back in time, and reminisce of the long ago forgotten past of our Farming Heritage.

Visit with us at our annual show the third Thursday - Saturday of June. Our show grounds are located in the Johnson County Recreation Park just west of the intersection of Highway 31 and ST. RD. 252 near Edinburgh Indiana and Camp Atterbury Military base.

Want To Become A Member?  Visit Our Membership Page & Join Today!

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